Welcome to Fedena API Playground

Important: Read the instructions carefully before you start ×

Before you start:

  • Use your Fedena instance to try out the API's available
  • If you do not have an instance, create a sandbox account at www.fedena.com/demo
  • API actions can alter data in your instance. Always use the sandbox or test account when trying out new API's
  • To learn about various Fedena API's go through Fedena API Technical Documentation

Using the Playground:

  • Remember to keep your token handy before trying out any action.
  • If a token is not present, Generate a Token before proceeding to any action
  • Enter the required parameters and perform your API search
  • Some API actions, like Batch Search, can be performed with many search parameters. You can add as many as you like as a hash key/value pair. For example batch_name_like '1-2014-15', course_code_like 'std-1'
  • Check your response in the response box
  • Sample codes in HTML/JS and Ruby is available on the right side.
  • Click on Clear Token to remove the saved token value and start over again with a fresh token
  • Video tutorial

Trying it out:

  • Want to try it out yourself ? Go to the Try It page and perform any action on the Playground
  • Select the type of parameter
  • Enter token and then perform the action